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About Rachelle


If someone had told me twelve years ago that I would one day become a certified Nutrition Consultant, I probably would have laughed.  I ate healthy and was quite physically active.  I was too busy, happily teaching, planning a wedding and pondering future children to think about or even consider a career change.  Yes, I'd changed my diet drastically (I began following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet  - SCD) in May of 2007, but that felt more out of desperation to help manage the symptoms of my diagnosed autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis) than out of any desire to be "healthier."  However, thanks to following SCD and my two beautiful babies that followed along in 2008 & 2010 respectively, I found myself doing more and more research on nutrition.  I found myself being driven towards more holistic and integrative medicine practices, for both my children and myself.  Eventually, I found myself enrolled in the Nutrition Consulting program at Bauman College.  After all, friends and family members were asking me for advice.  It was time to step up my game and stop providing anecdotes, but to begin offering  sound advice.  

Today I still find myself drawn to working with clients with autoimmune diseases (with the use of AIP and/or SCD), but I have a new found passion for helping those who are recovering from substance abuse.  I have found that using the principles behind AIP, I am able to help these clients heal gut issues caused by their substance abuse, encourage them to to get proper care for any other medical problems that we discover along our journey.  There is also research that proves eating healthy is a key strategy for maintaining sobriety.  

When I am not working with clients I can be found shuttling my kids around to different after school activities, making dinner and all those other grown up responsibilities.  And, when I get a break from all that... swimming, hiking, reading, sewing and embroidery are my passions.


  Autoimmune Protocol Practitioner Training, 2019                                                  Certified AIP Practitioner             Restorative Wellness Solutions, 2018                                                                      Level 1 Certification

  Functional Nutrition Lab, 2017                                                                                Digestive Intensive Certification

  Bauman College of Nutrition, 2016                                                                         Certified Nutrition Consultant  

  Notre Dame de Namur University, 2005                                                                  MA Education Specialist

  UC Santa Cruz, 1997                                                                                                BA Cultural Anthropology