Recovery Eats!

Recovery Eats! is an opportunity to learn one more "tool" to aide you in maintaining sobriety.  For 10 weeks you will meet virtually with myself and a cohort your like minded peers.  You will have a weekly, live "lesson" with me.  You will often have a bit of homework that's really just practicing the skills learned in class.  There will be a closed FB group for you to post questions that I will be monitoring to weed out any erroneous information.  At the end of the 10 weeks you will continue to have access to the closed FB group and all the content shared with you from class.  If you feel you would like to work with me 1:1 to tackle any health challenges you are facing (that can be addressed with nutrition) or simply feel you need more support, we can make arrangements for that.


Why should I participate in Recovery Eats!

There are so many tools to use in maintaining sobriety.  Exercise, meditation, group support programs, etc.  What's the one thing all of these have in common?  You need energy to do all these things and FOOD is how you get energy.  It sounds really simple, because it is simple.  How you feed your body can significantly impact all aspects of your daily life.  And, it's not just energy to get through each activity.  It's about your mood, too.  Let's not forget that our moods affect our relationships (personal and work).  More importantly, mood can be a trigger for you.  So let's work on finding dietary habits that help you maintain stable blood sugar levels, so that you can have stable moods and the energy to work out, go to work, deal with the tough challenges that come your way each day and help you get yourself to a meeting if need be.

What you will Learn About: (3 modules with 3-4 lessons in each module)

  • Meal Planning and Prep

  • Healing your gut to improve overall health

  • Balancing blood sugar levels to support mood and energy

Recovery Eats! is offered 3 times per year.