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Getting My Ducks in a Row

Just like Spring Cleaning... It's time to change things up.

A​s a Certified Nutrition Consultant we are taught how food affects our bodies along with which foods and nutrients work best for specific health conditions and desired health outcomes. We get a small amount of practice working with clients and some guidance on the actual business of being in business. Yet we do not ever reallylearn how to be in business. You know, where to start, how not to get overwhelmed, how to niche down, etc. Some of us are true go getters that figure it all really quickly and others of us attempt to do it the "old-fashioned way." Both groups can have great success. Then then are the in-betweeners. People like me. People who have tried it the "old-fashioned way" with moderate success, but are now taking a gamble on having more of an online presence (i.e.Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter...) and creating both group and individual online programs. To go this route means a need to niche down. This is a lot easier said than done.

F​or starters, while my mentor in school felt I should work with clients suffering with IBD and related issues, I wanted to teach classes for junior high and high school aged students. I used to teach these grades. This is my comfort zone and ties my two passions together (teaching kids and nutrition). Now, though, I love the work I am doing with clients at a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic. How does that fit into the mix? To top it off I am also being advised to think of my "Ideal Client" in terms of who I was 2-5 years ago and what I would have loved to have known back then or what problem did I have to solve at that time in my life. Talk about overwhelming!

W​ith so many focus areas how do I niche down? I haven't figured it all out justyet. But I do believe it will go a little something like this... Venn diagrams. You know, those good "old-fashioned" organization charts that can help you figure out what everything has in common. What exactly does an overstretched mom of two elementary aged children need to support not only herself with IBD, but her children with food allergies and a recovering addict have in common in regard to their needs? What commonality do they have that is in common with the nutritional needs of teens or IBD sufferers? I'm working on it. Once I have it figured out, I'll let you all know.

I​n the meantime be on the lookout for changes around WiseBites. Working on getting a weekly newsletter out and consistent social media postings. No matter what my niche ends up being there will always be informative nutrition content here for everyone, so keep checking back.

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