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Let's Add Nutrition to the List

In the section of the article posted below regarding Conscious Commitment and Mindful Activities Help Prevent a Relapse, there is no mention of nutrition. I sure do wish there was; for 3 reasons. 1) By healing the gut (after damage done to the digestive tract) lingering health issues such as headaches, rashes, brain fog, fatigue, achy joints, etc. can be relieved/diminished. Not just that, though. By healing the gut, more nutrients can be absorbed meaning the healthy food you eat will actually be doing you some good, and not just providing calories. 2) Learning what macronutrient ratio (Fat: Carbs: Protein) best suits you is a great way to manage your mood & energy. This means fewer knee jerk reactions, and more time to take a deep breath before reacting. This, in turn has the ability to positively affect your relationships (work, personal, etc.). As a bonus, determining the right macronutrient ratio for yourself also helps reduce both sugar and drug/alcohol cravings by supporting balanced blood sugar levels. 3) Meal Planning & Prepping is the icing on the cake. With these skills healthy habits formed you not only keep eating well, but also give yourself a sense of control and authority. Your confidence can be inspiring. #nutrition #wellness #addictionrecovery #addictiontreatment


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