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Monday, Monday...

How is your week starting off?

Did you do some food prep over the weekend?

Are you stressing out already?

Feeling ready to tackle the week?

It's a busy time over here at WiseBites. I have my Food Substitutions: Adding Nutrition and Avoiding Allergens class to teach on Wednesday. This is one of my favorite classes because we get to enjoy lots of fun foods like donuts and freshly made coconut milk.

I'm also gearing up to start teaching a nutrition class once a month at a local Rehab Center (drug & alcohol).

And, last but not least, I'm working on sending out a weekly newsletter. Today's blog post is a preamble to doing just that. Hope you enjoy.

I’m still sorting out what to put in my weekly newsletter, but wanted to get started. So far, I am thinking of having:

· Commentary on an article that comes out from popular nutrition blogs that week

· A recipe + nutrition benefits, etc.

· Challenges +progress + results

I’m most excited about the challenges. These will be my attempts to increase the nutrition of your favorite foods (or those of your kids) and still have them be enjoyable. I’m hoping that I will be able to do one per week, but I think I’ve already bitten off more than I can chew with my first challenge. I found 4 alternative recipes I’d like to try for chicken nuggets. Yes, you read that right. Chicken Nuggets. I was inspired to look for these recipes when my neighbor told me she was making some from scratch this weekend and going to freeze them so she could have quick lunches to heat up for her son. Her recipe, of course is not gluten free nor grain free, so I cannot borrow it. Fortunately, though there is a ton out there on the internet. All 4 recipes that I will try will be gluten-free and grain free. At least one will be Paleo and Whole 30 compliant. Another will be Specific Carbohydrate compliant.

For those unfamiliar with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) it is the “diet” I used initially to heal myself from Ulcerative Colitis and what I have used primarily to manage this autoimmune disease for the past 12 years. While it is gluten free and grain free SCD and Paleo are not entirely the same. While Paleo allows things like potatoes, sweet potatoes and other starchy carbs from veggies, SCD does not. SCD allows some dairy. Paleo does not allow dairy. SCD allows some legumes (as long as they are soaked and prepared properly). Paleo does not. And, SCD has been around for much longer than Paleo; it just hasn’t gained momentum the same way. Also of note about SCD is that it not only helps those of us with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, but those with Celiac, IBS and even children with Autism.

No, it’s not a magic bullet. The diet just does a really good job of specifying which foods are safe to eat (meaning they won’t add to the bacterial burden in our guts and will allow our guts to heal). It’s all based on science and the fact that those of us with impaired immune systems often have a leaky gut. This leaky gut can cause all sorts of trouble in our bodies. Primarily it leads to inflammation. How that inflammation chooses to express itself is dependent on our genetics, environmental factors (such as exposure to chemical, pesticides, stress (physical or emotional), etc.).

Those with impaired immune function often have guts that are unable to absorb and digest disaccharides and polysaccharides (foods with more than one sugar molecule). This leads to an excess of sugars in our systems and ultimately wreak havoc. So, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet focuses on only eating foods with monosaccharaides (one sugar molecule). This alleviates the burden on our digestive system and allows for healing.

While SCD isn’t perfect, I am a huge fan of it. If I hadn’t taken a leap of faith to try it when I did, I would have had to take my 3rd round of prednisone in 6 months. I would most likely have had to jump up to corticosteroids for treatment and I may not have been healthy enough or on medication that allowed me to have my two beautiful children. Ultimately my experience with SCD is what led me to study nutrition and become a Certified Nutrition Consultant. This is why I am so excited to share information about SCD and to post this clip from Liberated Specialty Foods. This company was born out of a mother’s love for her daughter and the desire to help others following SCD find food that they can eat. Yes, it is very difficult to find food off the shelf to eat on this diet. Please take a moment to watch this video as LSF is featured on the Today show this past Friday.


Also fun, check out the links below for the chicken nugget recipes I’m going to try. Maybe try one out yourself and let us know what you think.





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