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Popcorn, anyone?

Yesterday's IG post was all about choices.  Today's post is about options.  Is there a difference between the two?  Yup, there is.  A choice is a decision you make based on the information you have, mood, etc.  An option is the "thing" you get to make a choice about.

For example:  There are popped water lily seeds and popcorn to eat.  Both are an option.  Whichever one (or both) that you decide to eat is your choice.

So let's dissect these particular options: Popped water lily seeds & popcorn.

Popcorn tends to get a bad rap at times.  If people aren't worried about the GMOs, they're worried about a lack of nutrients, along with high fat, sugar and salt content.  Some even shun this tasty treat because it is a grain, which can be hard to digest and contains lectins, etc. that can be damaging to the gut.

Well, popcorn on its own does not have a high fat, sugar or salt content.  That's all about what we choose to put on our popcorn to make it taste better.  But did you know that your beloved popcorn, (without any toppings) actually has ~3.5 grams of fiber in a single 1 oz. serving (and who only eats 1 oz. of popcorn)?  That same 1 oz. of popcorn also contains 8% magnesium and 3.1 grams of protein.  So, if popcorn is a treat you enjoy you do not have to avoid it.  It would be wise to choose on elf the following options, though.

1) buy organic

2) buy loose kernels as opposed to microwavable popcorn (you can control the toppings)

3) if you must buy microwavable popcorn look for one with the least ingredients

Popped water lily seeds aren't new, they're just new to many of us.  They are a traditional snack in India and are often seasoned with spices like turmeric. They are a great alternative to popcorn if you are avoiding grains.  They are light and airy, yet crunchy.  They have a nuttier/earthier taste, and are quite scrumptious and just as addictive as popcorn.  They even boast 4 grams of protein per serving.  They are a bit lower on fiber, though (only 1 gram).  However, water lily seeds are also a great source magnesium.  There are 3 main brands on the market, AshaPops, Bohana and Taali.  So far I have only tried the Taali brand and I am hooked.

For someone like me, for whom grains just don't agree with, these traditional Indian snacks of popped water lily seeds are a great option for getting my snack on. Bonus, they’re a great option for sneaking into a movie theater! Shhhh… I didn’t say that.

What snack options are you choosing between?

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