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While we're on the subject....

Most days, left overs from dinner are a great breakfast for me. But once in a while I enjoy having something a bit more breakfast-y. That's when I turn to these "oatmeal" recipes from Kate over at Healing Family Eats. One of the best things about these recipes is that my children enjoy it as well. When you're in a family with differing food allergies finding a recipe that works for us all and we enjoy is like hitting the jackpot. As, you've probably guessed already, I usually make a double batch. Then I freeze it in pint sized mason jars so that we can pull them out Mohave as we want them. Another thing to love is that it makes a great traveling breakfast. Just pack it in your lunchbox and warm it up in a microwave at work. Or if you're really traveling, throw it in your cooler and warm it up in the microwave at the hotel.

These recipes, as is, do not have as much protein as I'd want my clients to have. To remedy this, I recommend adding some collagen peptides or almond flour to boost the protein content. And, last but not least, this recipe, especially when batch cooked, falls neatly into the prep and plan model. You can always have it on hand, if you do so. Give it a go and let me know how you like it.



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